TEAM Environment Rubric and Technology Integration Ideas

Significantly Above Expectations (5)

Technology Resources and Tools


  • Teacher sets high and demanding academic
    expectations for every student.
  • Teacher encourages students to learn from mistakes.
  • Teacher creates learning opportunities where all
    students can experience success.
  • Students take initiative and follow through with their
    own work.
  • Teacher optimizes instructional time, teaches more
    material, and demands better performance from
    every student.

Moodle Example - This is a sample unit on the District Writing Model.
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  • Students are consistently well-behaved and on task.
  • Teacher and students establish clear rules for learning
    and behavior.
  • The teacher uses several techniques, such as social
    approval, contingent activities, and consequences, to
    maintain appropriate student behavior.
  • The teacher overlooks inconsequential behavior.
  • The teacher deals with students who have caused
    disruptions rather than the entire class.
  • The teacher attends to disruptions quickly and firmly.

ProTeacher Directory - Discussion forum about classroom management.

Classroom Procedures Tips - A PDF slide show of classroom procedures and transitions
by Susan Douglas and Mallory Friedman.

Effective Classroom Management for Technology Integrated Lessons - Moodle Class available on PLAN

Internet Safety Classes- Moodle Class available on PLAN


The classroom:
  • welcomes all members and guests.
  • is organized and understandable to all students.
  • supplies, equipment, and resources are easily and
    readily accessible.
  • displays student work that frequently changes.
  • is arranged to promote individual and group learning.

Learning Styles & More - A site with lots of information, scroll down to find the Learning
Styles section.

Sample Elementary Teacher Webpage - Visit a teacher's webpage that is organized well.
Sample Middle School Teacher Webpage



  • Teacher-student interactions demonstrate caring and
    respect for one another.
  • Students exhibit caring and respect for one another.
  • Teacher seeks out and is receptive to the interests and
    opinions of all students.
  • Positive relationships and interdependence characterize
    the classroom.

Sample Teacher Webpage - Visit a teacher's webpage that shows student interactions with
each other.
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