Professionalism Rubric with Integration Ideas

Performance Standards
Significantly Above Expectations (5)

Growing and

Developing Professionalism

1. Professional Development Opportunities
  • is prompt, prepared, and a leader in appropriate professional development opportunities.
  • independently seeks out additional resources in multiple instances.

Webinars an example:


Empowerstudents Wiki

2. Implementing New Strategies
  • consistently and successfully implements new strategies that show evidence of significantly improving student learning.
  • independently applies the new strategies to other aspects of his/her teaching.

3. Personal Learning Strategies
  • systematically uses feedback from observations, self-assessment, and school improvement plans and goals to plan personal improvement and
  • takes steps to implement seek out necessary resources.

Reflecting on Teaching

4. Self-assessment
  • The teacher makes ongoing, thoughtful and interconnected assessments of his/her effectiveness.

5. Improve Performance
  • The teacher successfully improves his/her performance which leads to significantly improved student achievement.

6. Using Student Achievement Data
The teacher systematically and consistently utilizes student achievement data:
  • to develop insights on the strengths and weaknesses of students and
  • determine instructional approaches and personal professional development based on analysis.

Excel Spreadsheet

Community Involvement

7. Supporting School Activities and Events
  • The teacher regularly organizes and leads school activities and events that positively impact school results and culture.

Outlook/OWA Calendar to document specific events/activities supported.

School Responsibilities

8. Adherence to Personnel Policies
  • The teacher always adheres to school and district personnel policies for personnel and serves as a leader and model for others.

9. Safe and Orderly Learning Environment
  • The teacher regularly works with peers to contribute to a safe and orderly learning environment and plans for improvement in school-wide culture.

10. Contribute to School Community
The teacher actively and consistently contributes to the school community by assisting and/or mentoring others including successful engagement in three or more of the following:
  • Collaborative planning
  • Actively leading in a Professional Learning Community
  • Coaching / Mentoring
  • Supervising clinical experiences
  • Leading professional development

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