TEAM with Technology

Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM)
This wiki has been created to assist teachers in Tennessee as they improve their teaching practices aligned to the TEAM rubric for evaluation. When you strategically make use of the many technology tools, Web2.0 or software applications, available today, you will find yourself saving time and effort as well as enhancing student achievement. This does not happen overnight. You must get comfortable with these new tools. By putting in the effort to incorporate technology when it is a good fit you reap the benefits many times over.

We have organized this wiki along the rubrics used in TEAM. Use the navigation on the side bar to quickly navigate to the rubric you most want to work on. Realize that technology tools are constantly changing and what is here today maybe gone tomorrow. What is a free tool today maybe a fee based tool tomorrow. This wiki is designed to change as new tools are located and other tools disappear or are no longer supported.

There is no expectation that if you use one or many of these tools you will now be a "5" teacher. This is an attempt to bring possible tools to the attention of educators to assist in preparing for observations and increasing student achievement. You will find many tools for some sections of the rubrics and may find none for other sections. This wiki will continue to grow and evolve as we experience TEAM past the first year of implementation.